What about the schools?


If you are a house hunter with children or a child on the way or there is the dream of your child in your subconscious, there is no question that this question is on your mind while searching for a new home. You are not just searching for a great bathroom, you are looking for a lifestyle, a neighborhood, a community, and most likely that involves the library, the playground, the school.

In response to my first popular school blog which included many expensive school options for people living in the general northeast vicinity of the city of Philadelphia.

Here are some public school options as well as some more resources on schools in our area. (Roxborough, Manayunk, Art Museum, East Falls, Mt. Airy) Some of these schools are free, some have a small tuition. It will be up to you to investigate if it is a safe and good education for you and your family. Must we always relate more dollars to equaling better education?

giphy (3)The Big Backyard Nursery SchoolChestnut Hill
If you have time to volunteer as a parent, this might be the school for you and your little one.

ITB School of SustainabilityWynnefield
This school has a small tuition cost and believe in teaching children the importance of farming and sustainability at a young age.

Here is a list of some public elementary schools in the area which have a great to kind of OK reputation:

Bache-Martin SchoolFairmount Bache-Martin Facebook page 

Cook-Wissahickon Elementary SchoolRoxborough/Manayunk/Wissahickon  Twitter:@CookWissHSA

giphy (2) CW Henry School, Mt. Airy

Girard Academic Music ProgramPhiladelphia

Henry HoustonMt. Airy Henry Houston Facebook page 

Mifflin ElementaryEast Falls

JS Jenks SchoolChestnut Hill
Jenks School Facebook page

Shawmont ElementaryRoxborough-Manayunk

James Dobson Elementary School,Manayunk/Roxborough Dobson School Facebook page 

giphy (5)