The Search for the Best Cheese Steak In Philadelphia




There is no getting around it, Philadelphia is known as the cheese steak capital of the world. The Real Estate Around Philly team decided to embrace this fact and asked some friends about their favorite cheese steak venues. Some of the people that we asked have relocated to other states, but still have strong feelings about which restaurants have the best steaks. Chris Johnson of Kailua, Hawaii even went so far as to have his fiancé pick him up two cheese steaks from Dalessandro’s to bring back home on the plane with her. Warning: This article may make you hungry.

“Johns Roast Pork is the best Cheese Steak Hands down. If only they were open on weekends. I love everything about the steak, and the whole atmosphere of the shack by the railroad tracks.”
-Kyle Carmean, West Mt Airy

“Dalessandro’s – “In my opinion Dalessandro’s are the best steaks in the city. It’s a generous portion of great rib eye while not too greasy.  I recommend going in and sitting at the counter and eating it there with an ice-cold beer. It’s like taking a step back in time” -Brian Farkas, Roxborough

“I’d have to say I am a big fan of Jim’s and Steve’s Prince of Steaks. Steve’s hits the spot after a late night out, Jim’s is definitely something that should be enjoyed while sober. But that’s just my opinion.”
-James Kelly of Willow Grove

“Ishkabibbles on South Street has the best chicken cheese steak anywhere.”
-Vic Geanopulos, Corapolis, PA

“I actually have two favorite Philly Cheese Steaks. My all time favorite is Ishkabibble’s Chicken Cheese Steak. The people in Ishkabibble’s are probably the most friendly of all of the local cheese steak places. Ironically enough, Ishkabibble’s offers both whiz and provolone, with a friendly atmosphere. This is actually where I had my first Philly Cheese Steak and they explained the differences between the Provolone and the Whiz (Whiz makes the sandwich more moist).
When I was pregnant, I had cravings for food that my husband normally eats and that I would normally not. So, for whatever reason, I would drive 30 miles out of my way for a Cheese Steak Hoagie from Slack’s Hoagie Shack on Aramingo Avenue.”
-De Anna Bell, Jacksonville Florida

“This blog has me a little pissed off about the fact that I can’t go get anything resembling a good steak in my neck of the woods, but that does mean I don’t take it for granted when I visit Philly every year. My hands down favorite place is Dalessandro’s. Everyone has their personal preferences regarding the limited variations possible on the few simple components of a cheese steak. Chopped steak vs. strips. Plain roll vs. seeded. For me, Dalessandro’s perfects every element — a chopped steak sandwich on a plain roll, somehow cooked better than anywhere else of the dozen or so places I’ve tried over many years on the cheese steak pilgrimage trail. At Dalessandro’s, the cheese is actually cooked and melted in and throughout the chopped steak, creating some sort of almost magical new molecular bond, where every tiny piece of steak is encased in melted cheese. The roll is chewy and soft at the same time. I opt for American cheese with raw onions, and a garnish of hoagie spread and/or torn pieces of cherry peppers completes one of the most perfect sandwiches on the planet for me. The bonus is the feeling of a true small neighborhood joint, crowded with locals from a few blocks away who’ve been eating here their whole life, but also with the serious cheese steak pilgrims-in-the-know, who traveled across the city or across the globe to wait for their turn on a stool at the small counter top, and a taste of perfection.
-Chris Johnson of Kailua, Hawaii