The Greater Philadelphia Area and Its Homes Make for a Unique Backdrop in Movies


One of the hottest movies of the year Silver Linings Playbook offers viewers a Philadelphia Eagles game tailgating experience, the great backdrop of Delaware County and a few famous actors Bradley Cooper, Robert Deniro, and Jennifer Lawrence among others.

The movie features the Eagles Lincoln Stadium and its parking lot. Local moviegoers may recognize the Llanarch Diner on City Line Ave, which sets the scene for an important “not so first date” for the two main characters in the movie.

Locals are especially having fun guessing which scene or house is in which town, and spotting inaccuracies those National audiences could never know. For instance in one scene a Ridley Township police car approaches the two main characters outside of the newly revived Lansdowne movie theater on Lansdowne Avenue. Only locals could spot that a Ridley police care wouldn’t be responding in Lansdowne. We urge everyone to enjoy watching this film and spotting areas that you may know.

Why write about a movie for real estate blog? Well, the Real Estate Around Philly social media team thinks that if a movie director recognized the beauty and character of Philadelphia and it’s surrounding neighborhoods. Maybe you will too. Not to mention that Sliver Linings Playbook has been nominated for Best Musical/Comedy of 2012.