Should I Rent My House Out To Fans of the Pope?



If you live in the greater Philadelphia area, chances are that you have thought about it.

Should we rent out our home or space for Papal visit during the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia this year?

It is very tempting, to not only avoid all of the traffic in the city that week and weekend, rent out your place and hit the shore. The World Meetings of Families Congress is held from September 22-25, followed by the Papal visit, held on September 26, and 27.

If you think the opportunity to rent out your home is only for Philadelphia residents, please think again. According to families are renting properties as far as 120 miles away from Philadelphia.

If you do decide to rent your place, there are several options.

The World Meeting of Families recommends that you go through the process of becoming an official host family. This will add you into the database for visitors looking for a place to rent. You can start this process here:

Not sure what to charge for your place? Head over to and use their calculator. You can also view the prices that others are charging and list your home on the website.

Of course you can always go the AirBnB route and list your home on

Millions of people are expected to visit the city and according to Philadelphia Magazine the city only has 11,000 hotel rooms and barely 65,000 within a 60-mile radius.
If you are going to take the plunge and rent your place, the time to list it is now, as people around the world makes plans to come visit our beautiful greater Philadelphia area. Also keep in mind that according to the city of Philadelphia just passed a new tax on short-term rentals just in time for this event.