Remember You Are Buying Your Neighbors Too


So, you’re looking for houses and you fall in love with one. It has taken long to find this gem. You love the living room, the kitchen, it has just the right amount of bedrooms and everything you wanted in a home. However, did you take a good look at the neighbors’ houses? Sometimes you are not just buying a home, you are buying a block, and you are also buying a neighborhood.


When taking a look at the backyard, walk the perimeter of the whole yard. Walk to the center of the yard and do a 360-degree turn and take a look at what you will see when hanging out in the yard. If you can see your neighbor’s yards now, you will see them during that backyard family barbeque too. Think about the potential the yard has as you would look at the interior of the house. Are you willing to put up fences?


Now as you leave your potential home, walk up and down the street. How do the other houses look? Do the neighbors have nice fixtures and front doors? Do they pull the weeds and landscape their front lawns? Are the houses painted and do they look cared for? It is easier to miss things things than you would think. You want to be observant and take a look so that you are not surprised on move-in day!