Is Your Pre-K The New Status Symbol?


By Melissa
Since I had a child about 15 months ago I get many marketing emails about Pre-K (yes, pre-kindergarten). The emails say things like “start thinking about it now” “our schools get better college degrees” “tour our school now” “the wait list is five years long.”

I also get emails from the state about the Pre-K for PA (Pennsylvania) petition to support the state’s advocacy for free early childcare: Click here for more information.

With the news of new charter schools popping up left and right, I wonder is this an option for Philadelphia area parents of young children who desire a somewhat top notch Pre-K or at least a better and safer option than a Philadelphia Public School system?

I am a bit cynical and while I wasn’t really thinking about Pre-K when I first had my baby, now I feel a bit intrigued. For other young families who enjoy being within the city limits but are troubled by the schools, this one is for you.

I started some comparison research on Pre-K’s in the areas of Mount Airy, Germantown, Chestnut Hill, Manayunk, Roxborough, East Falls, and near the Art Museum.

All rates are based on a five day a week – full time schedule for one whole year.
If you are like me, you have seen these signs on neighbors lawns during your drive to work, while walking your baby, or out on a run. You also may have heard their advertisements on the radio or even on social media.

Green Woods Charter
Tuition: 0
Note: Green Woods is mandated to fill a minimum of 75% of open lottery seats from seats from applicants within our local catchment area.

Waldorf School
Tuition: Annual $12,800 = Five full days for Pre-K
$13,300 for K and up
Complete and submit an application

William Penn Charter
Tuition: $22,900
Rigorous admissions process. The thought that my four year old could be rejected because of a “play day” may keep me from even trying. #weird

Green Lane Pre-K
Tuition: $7390 for 8:30–5:30
Much less if you only do 8:30–2:30
Pre-K only

Les Petits Cherubs Pre-K
Tuition: Approx $10,950

Bala Montessori Pre-k and K
Tuition: $15,850
Admission application process

Germantown Friends School
Tuition: $21,240

Miquon School
Tuition: $15,480 for pre-K
$16, 750 for K and it goes up every year
Also a rigorous application process.