Philadelphia, The City Of Runners And Outdoor Fitness Groups?


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It wasn’t that long ago that Philly was declared the fattest city. I guess being known for cheese steaks and soft pretzels doesn’t set the tone for much else.

Well, things are a-changing folks. Recently Philadelphia sold out a new 10k run through the city.

The Broad Street Run is turning down paying participants because of crowd control issues. This run even has its own app to set up your own training schedule.

The Philadelphia marathon is coming up this November and you can choose between running an 8k, 13.1 miles, or the whole 26.2 marathon. Mayer Nutter has even announced a “High-five award that will recognize a full marathon competitor who has a story to tell about just getting to the starting line of the run.

Then there are some other grass-roots exercise organizations that are booming with participants. The November Project is a free workout that happens every Wednesday morning at the Art Museum and Friday morning at Franklin Field at Penn.

Back On My Feet has a Philly chapter and you can find members of this organization running through the streets of the awaking city at 5:30am approximately three days out of the week. You are required to join and orientation and show your dedication to help out the charities that this organization is supporting.

Much of this running movement can be attributed to the store Philadelphia Runner. They support some unique running clubs around the city. Whether you are into running for beer, running with mummers, or running in West Philly. If you can’t find a group that suits you, I am sure you can start one.

Our runs may not be along the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, or through the beautiful city of Boston but they have their own urban culture because of the unique Philadelphians joining in this health, adrenaline, goal setting, self motivation craze to feel the joy of running past the crowd and adding a medal or t-shirt to their personal pride collection. Go Us! Go Philly!