Philadelphia Home Owners Don’t Miss The Homestead Exemption Deadline


The deadline for applying for Philadelphia Home Exemption tax status is quickly approaching on September 13, 2013.

What is the Homestead Exemption?
If you own a home in Philadelphia and live in it, you can receive a discount on the amount of money the city taxes on your home. It reduces the taxable portion of their property assessment by $30,000, starting in Tax Year 2014.

Who is eligible?
You must own the property that you are filing for and live there as your primary residence. There are no other requirements.

What you will need.
· The names of all owners
· The address
· The OPA Account Number -You can look this up HERE
· Your mailing address
· Your phone number
· Your email address
· Whether or not your property is part of a co-op, and if so, what percentage of taxes are paid co-op.
· If you use your home as a business, the percentage used as a business.

How do I apply?
There are several ways to apply. You can apply over the phone by calling the Homestead Hotline at 215-686-9200 to easily apply in minutes. Language access services are also available to apply over the phone in numerous languages.
Or apply online. HERE

You can also print and mail the forms from HERE but if you choose this option, please hurry because the deadline is approaching on September 13, 2013.