Organizing your home for next year … already


It is a new year and that means it is time to pack up all those Christmas decorations in preparation for next year. I don’t know about you but I think Christmas was on steroids this year. Please someone tell me how you get through a Target without buying a cute Christmas decoration; the packaging, the bright colors, it is just all too much marketing to resist. So, if you are like me and many others it can be a bit overwhelming trying to find new places to store all your gorgeous holiday décor.  So, here at Real Estate Around Philly we put together a few ideas to help you organize the basement or closet of your dreams.

Store those twinkle lights with pride

Yes, there is a way to keep your lights from getting tangled and that means less time untangling them next year for you.  Place your lights in this multi-use storage bag before putting it in the storage container or use this bag all on its own. Check it out on


storage bag

Ornament Safety

Keep your ornaments from breaking with a few different “DIY” ideas. From pieces of felt, red solo cups, and coffee filters are just a few ways to make individual slots for ornaments within a Rubbermaid tub. You can also always check out Pinterest for inspiration.  We also love the idea of using old tennis ball cans for storage. Although, we don’t play tennis but if you do maybe this can work for you.




A perfect fit for your wreath

 You might want to invest in a wreath storage bag. It is perfectly circular just like that wreath of yours. Here is an example from


Home décor

Are you someone that goes all out and even changes your dishes and linens for the holidays? Here is a cute chevron Christmas pattern dish storage set. This is a brand new item from the container store.