Investigating An Area Before You Decide To Buy Home


We all want to know as much as we can about a neighborhood before purchasing a home in any area. Real Estate Around Philly took a look at how do you decide where to move? Here are some strategic ways to get know any neighborhood better without even visiting.

1. Follow the local news
a. While you are looking at homes, try to find a local print newspaper (yes they still make those). Many of these papers are just about .50 to .75 cents. Many neighborhood newspapers are now online, so if you don’t want to drive around and go pick up a newspaper you can just “Google it.” This way you can find out about local crime, education news, entertainment, etc.

2. Follow that neighborhood on Facebook and Twitter
a. Many local newspapers are also on Facebook and Twitter as well as local businesses. See reference tip three.
b. Here are some that we have recently found:
•Any of the Patch sites are great. Patch even has come out with an app for your phone. Just search Patch and the neighborhood you are interested in learning about.

3. Research the local businesses.
a. Look at the types of businesses, are they small shops? Large corporations? What impact does this have on the area’s traffic? Do you want to be able to walk to a store or restaurant or do you prefer driving to a shopping center?

4. Look at houses that have been sold on sites like Trulia.
a. Look for price and type of house.
b. Many of these listings have comments about the area.

5. Use your social graph.
a. Poll your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites and ask questions if anyone knows more about a specific area.
b. Visit the Real Estate Around Philly Facebook page located at and ask a question on our wall. One of our real estate professionals will get back to you with an answer.

In addition to these tactics we recommend that you should also have a good real estate agent that you can trust and one that has lots of knowledge about the neighborhood you are researching.

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