Getting Through the Stress of Buying a Home with a Great Realtor


by Jimmy Calder

Let’s face it; there is no getting around the stress of buying a home. If your wife is pregnant during the process just double the stress.
Last month we purchased our first home after renting for close to a decade.
We are finally settled in and I have to admit it feels great.
However, to be perfectly honest the stress was a lot more than I anticipated.
It was a lot of waiting around for things that were out of your control like appraisals and insurance company approvals. And always worrying about the unknown, will this get done by this deadline.
It is because of the unknown in the buying process that I would recommend you work with someone that you trust or someone that has excellent recommendations.
I have known Jen Colahan for the past 15 years and she fills both of those categories.
My wife and I chose to use Jen as our realtor because we have witnessed her experience over the years and trust her very much.
We also have friends that have trusted her services when buying and selling their homes.
However, I realize that many of you may not know Jen Colahan personally yet. I encourage you to shoot her an email or give her a call. Meet and have some coffee and see if she is the right agent for you. During the open house process we met a lot of realtors. Many were smooth and slick but not many had the personality that I was interested in working with. This is an important decision so make it a good one.

Are you thinking about putting your home on the market or just interested in talking to a real estate professional for some advice? Achieve your real estate goals with agent Jen Colahan. Are you unsure if you will qualify as a buyer and need to talk to a seasoned real estate veteran who won’t pressure you into making a move before you are ready? Fill out THIS FORM (CLICK HERE) and Jen will be in touch with you shortly. Remember, Jen Colahan does not just serve the city of Philadelphia. If you take a look at Featured Areas tab of the site navigation you will see some of the many areas where Jen helps clients buy and sell including but not limited to areas of Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks and Delaware Counties.