Casino and Hotel Coming To The Stadium Area


A recent article in Reality Today announced a new $450 Hotel/Casino project near the stadiums in south Philadelphia.

Depending on your personal interests this could be a great thing or a horrible thing for the city. We thought we might explore a bit.

If you love going down to the stadium for a game or concert and always wished there was a better hotel option or after spot, this might be excellent news to you.

If you are against casinos and think we already have enough in the area, then you are most likely not happy with this news.

Any time a casino rolls into a city, the concern about safety and undesirable elements is voiced in the media and in local communities like south Philadelphia.

However, this could be a really good thing for the stadium district and bring more shops, restaurants, and other projects to this area of Philly.

According to the article, city council has already approved the project.

The project will be located at 900 Packer Avenue by 10th and Darien Streets and will feature a Las Vegas-style casino floor with more than 125 table games, 2,000 slot machines a new 200+ room luxury hotel, spa and conference center and a 2,600 parking garage. It addition it will boast nationally recognized restaurants and live entertainment venues.

The project also brings in 3,000 new construction jobs during development and 2,000 permanent jobs after completion.