9 Tips For Staging Your Home


There are some amazing local home staging experts to choose from when you are getting your home ready to go on the market. However, there are also a lot of things that you can do yourself.

Everyone wants to get the most return on their home sale, so it makes sense to keep your home as clean and tidy as possible.
The goal is to break down the layers of distraction for the potential buyer, so that they can easily picture themselves in their new home.

1. It Starts At The Curb
Put in the time to make sure the outside of your home is looking the best that it can. This means no visible trashcans on the front or side of the home (move them to the rear of the home or inside of the garage when possible. No everyone can afford professional landscaping but perhaps there are some local teenagers that you can pay to keep the outside of your home looking manicured and fresh.
Make sure that you Windex any front doors and windows, sweep up, and think about adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door and trim.

2. Clean Like Royalty Is Coming Over
Tell yourself that the Queen or Royal Family is stopping by next week as motivation to make the inside of your home spotless. Yes, you will upset when they don’t show up, but happy when your home is spotless.
Don’t hoard for future garage sales, either donate or trash the clutter.

3. Examine What Is On Your Walls

Do your walls look like the inside of an Applebee’s? If so it is time for a massive downsize in hanging things on the wall. If you have a lot of stuff hanging pick one to two things per wall and take down the rest. If there is a lot of whole exposed you may need to Spackle and repaint.

4. Personal Photos
We know that you love your mom and dad or kids and that is great. However, people purchasing your home don’t want to see your family photos while imagining themselves in your home. So take down all of the personal photos and store them. If you start to miss your friends and family members you can always log onto Facebook and see their faces there.

5. Tour Your House Yourself
Tour your own home and film it quickly with a video camera or flip camera. Watch the video back and see what sticks outs when you view it with fresh eyes. Did you forget to put a laundry basket in a closet, are the curtains in the basement way too loud, etc. These are all simple fixes if you take the time to give yourself a tour of your home.

6. Make Small Repairs Now Instead Of Later
Examine your home for small repairs, loose cabinets, a dripping sink, a light switch that doesn’t work etc. Then find a local handyman that is affordable and that you trust. You will want to take care of these small fixes before you put your home on the market to eliminate having to pay more at the inspection or closing.

7. Crumbs On The Counter and a Dirty Bathroom
If your home is on the market for a long time it will get more difficult to stay on top of the home staging. However, if you make a checklist for yourself it may help. Little things you do each day before leaving the house such as make the beds or sponge the counter tops for crumbs will go a long way.
Stay on top of your bathrooms. Are there too many shampoo bottles in the shower? Are there toothpaste remnants in the sink? And men, don’t forget to clean up hair trimmings after shaving.

8. Ask A Friend To Take A Look
Ask a close friend to take a walk through your home and ask them what they would change for staging. If they are honest it will provide some great insight for you.

9. Hallways Are The Entry Ways To Sales
Don’t forget to clean and vacuum your hallways. A lot of people focus on each room and neglect their hallways. Sometimes clutter can gather in hallways so it is important to include them in your weekly and daily cleaning sessions.