7 things To Look for if You Plan on Having Children in Your New Home


The house hunting experience often has a different viewpoint for people expecting a baby or for families that have young children. When you are viewing a house, you won’t just be looking for aesthetics and upgrades. Besides noticing what areas need regular upgrading you may be looking out for what will need to be baby proofed to make your life easier and safer.

Here are some key things that would make your house more ideal if it is going to be a house for children.

1. Open floor plan. Can you see your kids from the kitchen or the living room? The kitchen and the living room are where families spend the majority of their time so wouldn’t it be great if these two rooms were connected.
2. Wall anchoring. Will the furniture and appliances have the ability to easily be anchored to the wall? Children will climb and hang on these things.
3. What is the stairs situation? How many staircases are in the house? Just how many baby gates will you have to install in the house.
4. Low second floor railings. A lot of parents are turned off by areas on the second floor with a low railing, which overlook the first floor. To some cautious parents these could result in dangerous falls.
5. Are there a lot of doors in the house? Children will be grabbing at every doorknob at approximately 16–20 months.
6. Is there a yard and is it fenced in? Yes, we have had a horrible winter and conditions haven’t been ideal to play outside but for those spring, summer and fall months you will want an area those is near by to get the kids out and get them some Vitamin D.
7. Pool Safety. If your new home has a pool is there a fence around it? Once your child is a toddler this will become a must have on your list.