4 Reasons You Don’t Have To Run To The Suburbs When Having A Kid


Here are four reasons a house of three doesn’t have to move to the suburbs but can stay in Philadelphia and feel good about it.

1. Philly is full of great art and education that you won’t find in the burbs. Think about it – you don’t have as much access to museums and other learning opportunities in the suburbs. You can easily take your baby and stroller on the train or around the block to a great museum exhibit just for kids, or an event at one of the Philadelphia Free Library locations.

2. You will find a good daycare. While it may take some legwork and a few dedicated hours of online research, there are good daycare centers in the city of Philadelphia. It does take some time to sort through the different tuition fees, the waiting list requirements, and the different versions of curriculum. There are plenty of other parents going through this search as well and plenty of other parents who have to pay for the care of their children while at work.

3. Philadelphia is full of working parents raising children who want to network. There are so many good online neighborhood networks that eventually translate into real relationships. Moms are one of the largest demographic of people that search and converse online. There is a lot of online support for tackling the role of motherhood. Who can I meet in the neighborhood for a play date, which may have an extra ExerSaucer for sale? Well, city moms are savvy and modern and they are online. Just search your Philly neighborhood on Google groups, meet ups, or just give it a good old Google search.

4. Parks are everywhere.  So, you feel guilty because your child won’t have a giant yard to play in or his or her own swing set in the yard. Your mother may make you panic by asking where the child will learn to ride a bike, but she is from the suburbs and forgets that Philadelphia has some amazing parks. The corner park is just as fun, if not more, and safer than riding in the street. In Philadelphia there are so many playgrounds and parks just for families. We have the Wissahickon trails, the towpath in Manayunk, and you can run or walk with your stroller up and down Kelly or West River Drive … just to name a few.

It’s OK to buy in the city, you have our permission and support.