4 Reasons Why Philly Is Extra Awesome This Year


Most of you already know this as you have chosen to life in the greater Philadelphia area. There are a lot of amazing events coming up for our region where Philadelphia will be placed on both the national and world stage. Quite simply, Philly is going to be even more electric!

The Pope’s Visit to Philly

The upcoming Papal visit is a big deal folks. Millions of people will be trekking to Philadelphia to get a glance of the newly appointed Jesuit Pope from South America. Why Philly? Out of all places, why would the Pope visit Philadelphia? Yes it is a city of brotherly love but it is also a city that needs some hope. As any major city, a stronger spotlight needs to be placed on crime, lack of school funding, corrupt politicians, and much more.

However, this city so beautiful, natural, authentic, and historic, so why wouldn’t he come to visit. The Pope will be in town at the end of September for the World Meeting of Families organized by the Catholic Church, a world event that will take place in Philadelphia that focuses on strengthening family bonds.

Made in America Concert

In late August Jay Z curates a huge line for the annual Made In America concert. It takes place in front of the famous steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This concert was only going to be a one year event and was so successful that they chose to continue the record breaking concert series.

Democratic Convention of 2016

Philly beat out New York, New York and Columbus, Ohio to host the 2016 Democratic Convention. No matter which political party you support this is a big deal. It brings a great deal of business revenue to the city and also shines a national spotlight on our great city. For more information on the convention visit http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2015/02/12/democratic-convention-2016-host-city-philadelphia/22459811/

#Reachhigher Campaign Spotlights Philadelphia

The White House has chosen Philadelphia and Saint Joseph’s University in particular to publicize Michelle Obama’s #reachhigher campaign which encourages high school seniors to wear the gear from their chosen college on May 1, which is National College signing Day.

We hope you enjoy all of these upcoming events or get out of town and make a profit by renting your home on AirBnB.